Curry, Hoegaarden & Guinness

One of the things I labour on doing is finding new places to explore, hence, experiencing something that edifies my life. Sunday night last was one good example. I got to experience a gem in the South, to be more specific, it’s located in West Gate, Alabang and the quaint little place is called Tandoor, which is a bar-slash-pub that’s about 90% Al fresco.

Bread & Curry Dip

bread & curryIf there is a dish I’ve grown to love, love, love, it’s curry (with preference to chicken and mixed veggies). And it’s not the typical Filipino curry, mind you, but the Indian kind. The more spicy, savory the sauce is, the better. I first got a taste of this dish when I went to Singapore the first time and ate at Lau Pa Sat. I can still remember eating the curry with pita bread, it was so spicy that it got to a point that I had sniffles and beads of sweat were forming on my forehead and on the node above the upper lip. LOL. This interest heightened when I stayed in Australia and ate a whole lot of it. Hehe.

Papadums! That’s the name of the unleavened dough that’s fried then eaten together with the curry. Grrr. I was trying to recall it that night when placing the order for some curry but failed to do so. Arrggh. Well, at least, it came back to me. This bread (what do you call it again, Jayvee?), the pita and curry dish and dip are a good treat. Their curry is really good!

Hoegaarden, the Great Belgian White Beer

HoegaardenWe actually ordered six beers in different variants (Beck’s, Hoegaarden, Guinness & Leffe). Our goal was not to get intoxicated but to simply sample the beer options in Tandoor, so, the three of us simply shared bottles. I must admit, it was a pretty wise move, otherwise, we’d end up drunk before the night’s over. Hahaha. Personally, a different Belgian tops my beer list, Stella Artois. I’ve been on a hunt for it ever since I got back from Australia but I’ve been unlucky. Er, well, till that night. Wait a minute. I think I’m still unlucky cuz they weren’t in stock then and no news on when the shipment will arrive. Darnit, darnit, darnit. Good thing, my tastebuds had the pleasure of experiencing the light, smooth, with a dash of spice that makes up Hoegaarden instead. Its character pairs well with food and I can imagine having it even on a lazy afternoon. Hands down, this Belgian beer is definitely on my list now. Ha. I highly recommend it!

The Infamous Irish Beer, Guinness

GuinnessAh, yes. The beer that doesn’t travel well. Best when consumed nearest to where it was brewed. Some say, it tastes even worse when canned. Best in tap. Oh noes. I guess my orientation with the Irish Beer is a horrible one, eh? Oh, we’re just about 4,000 miles away from where it came from. Too bad since it was backed up with glowing recommendations from Matt. Funny cuz I’ve been meaning to try this beer for the longest time, and the first place I know (thanks to Alistair) that served it — though in can, too — was Murphy’s in Legazpi Village and that was around this time last year. Anyway, from experience, beverages such as beers and sodas taste better when they’re served in bottles, though, the former, often, when served from tap. Cans usually leave a tinge of bitter metal taste that ruins it. Sad, really.

Over-all experience, the food, the beer options and even the location are great. And the best bit about Tandoor is that it’s surprisingly affordable! I’m actually looking forward to visiting again esp when they’ve got Stellas in stock. Hehe.

What about you? Have you tried something new lately? Perhaps you can suggest a beer I should try or a place even. Let me know!

Photo © 2007 Sasha Manuel | Rico Mossesgeld

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  1. Bert Puystiens says

    I live in Belgium, in a small village called Hoegaarden, where they brew the beer, altough the “great white” is the most famous of Hoegaarden beers, the village brews many other beers to. Examples are Julius, verboden vrucht, grand cru, etc. If you ever come to Belgium, be sure to taste them 😉


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