Meet My Very Own WiFi Sniffer, The Nokia E71

Nokia E71 | The Parody, Online Journal of Sasha Manuel

Using a 17″ HP Pavilion dv9000 is no joke. Lugging it around in a bag is quite a chore so the idea of pulling it out then finding out there’s no WiFi is such a hassle. That’s why I bought the Nokia E71. I want a WiFi sniffer.

I kid. I kid.

After a clamshell, next up on the list of features I like in a mobile phone is the QWERTY. I loved the sleek, thin RAZR but with the battery conking out when you least expect it (yea, I know I have to replace the battery) plus my growing tech needs and a strong desire to go back to using Nokia, I knew I had to start looking.

I reckon I’ve already mentioned it before, I don’t get too attached to my phones. But this one’s different. I was actually counting down the days till I can get my hands on one. Researched the phone specs, studied its look, scouted for the best place in the South to buy the darn phone — for several weeks! For someone like me, that’s saying a lot.

It was practically love-at-first-sight.

Of the bat, features that I love are its sleek, thin monoblock body; QVGA display; a decent memory (expandable, too); fast and easy navigation (loving the Symbian hybrid); WiFi (!); and, of course, the keypad. And, oh, it already comes with its own standard issue headset. PLUS! The tutorial! LOL.

I’m not going to try and give you a blow-by-blow account of what the phone can do cuz, to be quite honest, I’m better at figuring out how everything works that having to explain them to you. But here are some of the things I’ve done with it: Switch – it helped me transfer some files (contacts, calendar, etc) from a compatible Nokia phone onto the E71; WiFi – of course! WLAN scanning from where I was enjoying my Iced Latte in Alabang then chatting over at my cousin’s house; 3.2MP Camera – I took a few photos which turned out ok but I have yet to upload it onto my lappytop to make sure, this one’s a handy alternate to my Canon 400D; SMS – d’oh! (Curiously, no calls yet. Be the first?) That’s it. At least, these are the most significant ones. I’m still trying to get to know my latest toy.

Incidentally, have you noticed how my gadget geekery comes in sporadic bursts?

So, introductions are over. We’ve established that the Nokia E71 is my very own WiFi sniffer. Good thing it can do a lot more than that. Hehe.


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  2. tim says

    Please tell me more about this wifi capability.
    Does the phone switch off cellular service and switch on to wifi? and not a penny goes to the cellular provider right?
    I really love this feature when i’m at a hotspot like starbucks and can use my phone to do light browsing without paying or buying a contract.

  3. says

    Tim: It will depend on how you decide to go online. Some features will prompt you to choose to search for WLAN or to connect using your service provider, i.e. retrieving email. However if you directly access the Web using the globe icon, it automatically chooses to connect via your service provider. If you want to use just the WiFi, customise your phone and make the WLAN wizard available on the home screen.

  4. says

    put passwords on your wifi right away before she comes and piggybacks on your connection! hahaha. seriously this is a dope phone.

  5. tim says

    awseome phone tons of features to play with..
    just curious are you using tmobile hotspot?
    i am using tmobile hotspot but the trouble is login on.. it automatically populate my user name with
    do you have any suggestion to fix this?

  6. says

    Hi Sasha…ooooh, i want one too! so when you use the wifi to access the internet on your phone, do you get charged for it?

    I want one, i want one but i’m stuck in a 1-year contract with my provider boo hoo!

    * Christine’s last blog post.. How do you like it?

  7. says

    Yay for her new phone! How is it?

    As for the E71, I really can’t say they’re bugs but one thing that I can’t appreciate is the Dual mode (UMTS and GSM). I’m currently using GSM so I can be connected all the time. The UMTS has the 3G feature and it automatically switches to that if it detects it, however, once it does my phone’s basically dead. No calls or SMS, incoming or outgoing. Gah.

    And, oh, another thing. There are certain applications that you really need to make sure you’ve shut down, otherwise, it’ll keep running, hence slowing it down — how much will depend on the number of applications open or how much memory you’ve used up.

    Hope that helps! :)


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