Celebrating Life and Lucy

Manila Yacht Club

One of the greater things about blogging is the capacity of an individual to share little moments with others. The ability to allow friends and strangers alike into a portion of your life, giving them a glimpse of how life must be like through another person’s eyes. It’s not boredom of one’s own but a sincere desire to embrace a certain awareness that the universe doesn’t totally revolve around you.


Taking that deliberate step towards a better understanding of commonalities in extreme and mundane circumstances, which either binds or breaks the deal. We’ve all heard it numerous times — we are all connected. Somehow. Some way. Our lives affect the rest of the universe.

Anchored Serviette - MYC

I know. I’m still trying to wrap my head around that bit. Trying to anchor some of the preconceived notions on something more stable than my capacity to understand and navigate through life.

Having received invites to christenings and child dedications have triggered an influx of conundrums, which crowded my already crammed up head, effectuating a series of monologues that only led to minute remembrances of echoed thoughts and quasi-epiphanies coupled with hand-sprains and headaches. I really don’t like getting too caught up with all the things that my mind comes up with. They’re seemingly endless and contradictory that I, sometimes, would simply want to put a cork in it and find some way to fry my brain cells.

But one thought stood out from the stack. The promise of life that accompanies a newborn is such a precious thing to behold. Discovering and learning what magic that life has in store at every corner, basking under the light of wisdom, and savouring the beauty of the ever-changing world. At some certain point in life, one will realise how fleeting everything is; how change can never be outrun or ignored.

Life for a that small little person is still fresh. You know how things seem so beautiful at the beginning? Because it is. It’s only in hindsight did I realise that bit. That’s why at this very moment, I had chosen to put my thoughts on paper (so to speak). Beginnings are beautiful, hence, worth celebrating. It’s when one is full of hope and faith in fate and promises. Life without either is void.

Cheers to life and to hope and promises!

White Wine - MYC

Celebrating Lucia Solenn, who is now a part of my life. Thank you, Ajay, for making me a part of hers and yours. I truly appreciate it!

Annalyn - MYC

And hallo to new folks I met because of Lucy and Ajay!


And to the rest whom I failed to take a photo of. It was a joy to have met you. I hope to see you folks again.

All photos, Copyright (c) 2010 Sasha Manuel, All Rights Reserved; Taken at Manila Yacht Club, Roxas Boulevard, Philippines; June 2010.

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