Assassin’s Creed II and Angry Birds!

A toss between the serious and the light. I am a closet gamer. I can be highly addicted to a particular game but I also can go for a lengthy period of time not playing any. It all depends on my mood, I guess. From Atari days (coursed through the family computer, NES, and playing StarCraft back in 2000 and Civilization) to buying my own first-ever game console, the PS3. It’s never turned into one of the more passionate things I do. Sure, I like the games alright but I noticed that it’s just one of the options I consider whenever I need to de-stress.

When I bought the PS3 back in early 2008, I was hooked on Guitar Hero III and Assassin’s Creed but the latter proved to be the sort of game that I can see myself playing more of. I still can’t believe that I actually played it non-stop, hence, finishing it in 4 consecutive days (took breaks for food, sleep and trips to the loo. LOL). So, during a quick trip to the mall on errand day, I popped in at one of those game shops and gave in to buying the 2nd installment of the said Ubisoft game: Assassin’s Creed II Complete Edition for PS3.

Assassin's Creed II Complete Edition | The Parody - Online journal of Sasha Manuel

I’m not the sort who’d shell out a considerable amount on a game but I did. I find that this game’s worth it. The story’s brilliant, game features are fantastic and yes, awesome graphics to boot. I had raved about it then and I’m still raving about it now. Still haven’t played it yet but I’ll get around to doing that real soon!

Assassin's Creed II | The Parody - Online journal of Sasha Manuel

Assassin's Creed II | The Parody - Online journal of Sasha Manuel

Assassin's Creed II | The Parody - Online journal of Sasha Manuel

On the fly (esp during days wherein I can’t spend too much time in front of the PS3), I like playing mobile and computer games (Bejeweled, anyone? or perhaps a game of Text Twist?) and social games (Fashion World, Cafe World, Farmville, It Girl, Backyard Monsters, etc) on Facebook. But one particular game captured the heart of this quasi-gamer: Angry Birds!

Angry Birds, Rovio - Image | The Parody - Online journal of Sasha Manuel

First seen on the iPad and finished the free version on an iTouch, it’s a game that almost drove me to buy an iPad or iTouch. My nephew C and I would pore over it while we’re in the car stuck in traffic en route to some place during the holidays.

I never meant to buy the full version for MAC but my curiosity over the App Store icon included in a recent MAC software update lead me to charging $4.99 on my credit card. LOL.

Angry Birds, Rovio - Image | The Parody - Online journal of Sasha Manuel

Yes, the dock on MrBoo now has an icon with that Angry little Bird on it! And I actually finished the 21 levels on the 1st episode in one sitting. Hahaha!

Angry Birds for MAC, screenshot image | The Parody - Online journal of Sasha Manuel

It’s not as easy as it seems but with a little knowledge of physics and putting in a little effort understanding the strengths of the Angry Birds then you’ll have the green pigs sweating like, er, pigs. Hehe.

Angry Birds, Rovio - Image | The Parody - Online journal of Sasha Manuel

It’s a great game that both kids and adults will enjoy. I’ve seen parents play the game with their kids so that’s a fantastic thing, yes? Entertainment value is 5 out of 5 stars!

How about you folks? Do you consider yourself a gamer? What sort of games do you usually play?

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  1. mEl says

    I love to play games. I (used to) have a DS, bought it because I love Mario (& Luigi). Also wanted a wii for the same reason, but never got the chance to buy one. We also have a PS3 and after 2 or 3 yrs, i bought my own game: Little Big Planet :) and yeah, i have Angry Birds on my pod and a lot more!

    On the geeky side, i love sudoku! ;)

    PS: DS is now owned by V. LOL and she loves any cooking game :)

  2. says

    Hi, Sasha!

    First, I just want to commend you on your overall style in writing. I must say that among all the blogs that are up, yours is one of the very few ones I like. I’m an instant fan. I visit this blog and Style Manila everyday.

    Anyway, I have tried Angry Birds lite pa lang. ‘Still addicted to Fruit Ninja eh. Hehe.
    AA´s last blog post ..Welcome to Gotham City

    • says

      Mel: I love sudoku too! And I envy you for having an iTouch. Gah. Hey, you’re starting V early with gaming ha! LOL. Thanks for sharing! :-)

      AA: I’m not familiar with Fruit Ninja. Er, is that the game that you chop things up with a sword and do it fast? I think I played something like that but I forget what it’s called. Thanks and I’m glad you found your way to my blogs and that you appreciate what I share (and how I share them)! :D

  3. tasyang bakya says

    I’m also into video games. I enjoyed almost all of the games you mentioned here. Angry birds, fruit ninja, assasin’s creed!!! go GAMERS!!! :)

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