Say Hello to MrSixty, A Canon EOS 60D

The practice of naming my gadgets is my way of marking how much I treasure each. It’s like an expression of fondness and signals how I will treat them moving forward. It’s a great show of affection and seemingly takes on a human-like relationship which, of course, remain at a level that no one will ever question my sanity.

Yes, say hello to MrSixty. He’s a Canon EOS 60D that comes with an EF-S 18-135mm IS lens as a kit. Yea, it’s my other new toy apart from MrPoPo the Polaroid PoGo.

Canon EOS 60D, Canon EF-S 18-135mm Lens, DSLR | The Parody, Online Journal of Sasha Manuel

After 4 eventful and memorable years, he replaces MrX in my life. Wow, it seems only yesterday when I came home from Hidalgo lugging my first-ever digital camera. MrX, a Canon 400D or Digital Rebel XTi, proved to be a fantastic companion as I ventured into learning photography. With every light captured and pixel processed, he and I laboured on getting better at the craft. But as seasons change and circumstances requires room to accommodate changes, I bid the latter goodbye. I’m still learning and growing as a photography hobbyist. Though the machine will never define me as a photographer, I needed to address the technical and creative needs that surfaced.

Canon EOS 60D, Canon EF-S 18-135mm Lens, DSLR | The Parody, Online Journal of Sasha Manuel Canon EOS 60D, Canon EF-S 18-135mm Lens, DSLR | The Parody, Online Journal of Sasha Manuel

It was a Saturday of January when MrSixty came into my life. Like the first time, there was an incredible rush of excitement as I held him in my hands. It felt both surreal and familiar at the same time. The experience captured what I’ve only heard of before; when it’s right, you’ll know. [MrSixty’s birthday: 08 January 2011]

Was it the 18 MP resolution, the 3″ vari-angle LCD with over a million MP VGA resolution with a 3:2 aspect ratio, the full HD movie capture, the 5.3 fps shooting or the maximum shutter 1/8000 sec, the DIGIC 4, the Flash sync 1/250 sec, the integrated Speedlite transmitter, or the in-camera RAW processing?

Frankly, I wasn’t entirely listening during the required demo nor did I really consider a particular feature. I knew that I’ll get to learn what I need to learn about the camera (which makes it a fantastic match for me and my needs) while I’m using it. Though it’s true that the features ought to be considered but most of them (save from the changes in the body) are present in MrX. It’s just that MrSixty boasts of carrying a higher number on each. Know what I mean? I guess, this is one of the times when you’ll see that I’m not much of a techie or a geek about gadgets. Choices, for me, are highly relative plus over-all experience matters and not just what’s listed on the tech spec sheet.

Yes, when it comes to photography. I really don’t like talking about the technical stuff. I guess, the most I can offer you would be the reason why I opted for the current kit lens I got with MrSixty. Though I’m a 50mm prime girl, I wanted a more flexible walk-around lens. That’s it.

Some sample photos taken using MrSixty:

Juris | The Parody - Personal blog of Sasha Manuel Roses, Spiral, Sofitel - Photography | The Parody - Personal blog of Sasha Manuel

Desserts, Spiral, Sofitel - Photography | The Parody - Personal blog of Sasha Manuel

Bud, Photography | The Parody - Personal blog of Sasha Manuel Coffee, Spiral, Sofitel - Photography | The Parody - Personal blog of Sasha Manuel

Oh, yea. Here’s a sample video I did for the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful post on Style Manila.

Not bad, eh? Yes, I used MrSixty to shoot the video and the iMovie on MrBoo, to edit.

Like every relationship, each offers new things and experiences. A slight shift in perspective, a different inspiration, and a countless source of frustration. These come as both adjust until rhythm is established. It’s good that this switch happened at this time. I started the new year with a fresh pair of eyes as I get into the groove of getting to know my new companion while I do my traversing around the world (figuratively, of course!). The journey ahead will be captured using MrSixty — the people whose paths I’ll cross, the place where my feet will lead me to and the emotion and memory captured in every photograph. I’m taking each step with eyes wide open, an engaged mind and an inflamed heart.

Other accessories that I got along with the new camera are the following:

  • Tamrac camera bag 6X
  • Canon Remote Control
  • Pop-up Flash Diffuser
  • Lens hood, Petal (Generic)

* the Transcend 8GB SD HC already came with the camera

How about you? What sort of camera do you use now? Do share because I’d really love to know!

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