Put another dime in the jukebox, baby.

I remember spending time after school and Summers at our store at a public market and grabbing the opportunity to head off to our suking carinderia (favourite food place) to buy take-away lunch or snack so I can put a spare coin in the jukebox. Yes, jukebox. I wonder if many can still say they’ve experienced music through a jukebox. This was around the same time when payphones were still very much popular, transitioning from the red, “tatlong bente singko” payphone to the fancier silver, several-peso-eating payphone.

Jukebox. How I loved the energy that a coin can bring to a person — paying to hear a favourite song but never keeping it. The act of scanning, selecting, and punching those buttons gave me inexplicable excitement. Watching the machine pick up the 45 rpm record of the chosen song from the stack then start playing was wonderful.

Now, there’s iTunes, esp so when they started serving music to PH (but I noticed that not everything’s available though). I wouldn’t be surprised if majority of the younger generation can tell you all about torrents and the iTunes store but will consult Wikipedia to learn more about jukeboxes.

I do appreciate the convenience that technology brings. Heck, had I not had one of those I-can’t-seem-to-fall-asleep sort of nights and I was simply tinkering around MrForest, an Apple iPhone 4S, #soundtracking (are you on it?) — I wouldn’t have discovered new music that rendered Genius confounded. Frankly, I even surprise myself to be strangely drawn to listen to a different sound. You see, Rock is cardinal in my playlist and listening to R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap is all too common (the sort of music I like dancing to) an occurrence. I’ve been listening to a lot of Drake, Frank Ocean, Miguel, and The Weeknd lately but, like switching off/on a light, I was catapulted back to that time when all I could listen to was Stateless for days on end then it finally made sense.

The xx | xx - album cover



The xx | Coexist - album cover


The xx

THIS. Seemingly on loop-repeat. Missing, Try, Inifinity — every song is a diverting blend of lyrics, beats, and a promise.

M83 | Hurry Up, We're Dreaming. - album cover
Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.


Dear album title, I could just eat you up. <3 S. Ever mine. Dreams of Steve McQueen, Wait, Midnight City, and Soon, My Friend. Goodness, to save myself the trouble, I can just copy-paste the entire list on here.

Vex'd | Cloud Seed - album cover
Cloud Seed


Listening to them is a gratifying auditory assault. Seriously. Listen to Disposition and Heart Space. Awesome.

Yppah | Eighty One - album cover
Eighty One


Reverberation. Electronic. A mercurial experience. Charged and sinister enough for JD x Soda Water. Alone. Lulz.

And decided to get new songs from artists that I’m already familiar with:

Anya Marina

Anya Marina | Spirit School - album cover Anya Marina | album cover

Satellite Heart (Tiny Stars Remix) and All the Same to Me;

Foster the People

Foster the People | Torches - album cover
Pumped Up Kicks; and a double album from

John Legend

John Legend | Once Again / Get Lifted - album cover
Once Again / Get Lifted.

Surprisingly, my music leaning of late reflect a fair amount of Alternative and Electronic. No trace of Rock, save for this post’s title, haha. That and the fact that I recently enjoyed watching Rock of Ages. It’s worth seeing Tom Cruise in a musical and that Alec Baldwin x Russell Brand duet made me pee my pants, haha.

Ah, 1st of October. I wonder what new things you’ll usher in.

Put another dime in the jukebox, baby.

Let’s talk about music today. What are you currently listening to?

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