Oz Highlights: The Road Warrior hits Oz streets x #FoodHack x Mini Masterpiece

One of the things that I want to try whenever I travel is to drive. I can’t help it. It’s the curiosity, the need to know if my driving skills aren’t limited to driving on Manila streets. A week in and earlier today, I did and, as lame as it may sound, it was the highlight of my day, haha.

Meet Yvonne, the set of wheels I got my hands on.

Pink car, Yvonne, Ford | The-Parody.com
My sister’s pink Ford Festiva

It was a trip around the corner sort of drive; a short 2-3 km-ish distance from the garage to the house but I was glad I had the opportunity to do it. My sister did offer me free use of her car if I want to, however, I’m a bit unsure if I should. I did try to drive on Oz streets before (both A/T and M/T types), also drove in Yangon with its crazy right-hand driving on the right side of the road, and I’ve been driving for almost 15 years now (and I am a car person and I know I’m a decent driver) BUT I need a refresher on Oz road rules since I don’t want to get awarded with that high-priced traffic violation ticket. I’d rather spend that money (300AUD! What.) on shopping or a plane ticket to Sydney.

Intersection, Diagonal Road, Oaklands Road, Marion, South Australia | The-Parody.com
Intersection of Diagonal and Oaklands Roads in Marion, South Australia

As much as I’d like to see how it’s like to go on the main roads, I’m happy cruising on the back roads for now. Perhaps after a little more time with Yvonne, orienting my brain that I should stay on the left side, remember which direction the cars are coming from, review the roads where I have “right of way” plus consider speed limits like they’re part of the 10 commandments like a little good Christian girl would, then I’ll be more confident to get behind the wheel more often.

Sasha Manuel, Outfit, ChickFlick Twistband | The-Parody.com
Head gear for driving: The Chick Flick Twistband (Visit StyleManila.com!)

‘Twas a cool thing that on this short drive, I got to do it on my own and, I mean, I was alone in the car with just my music on. Less pressure. I can relax and imagine I was navigating the streets all by myself instead of being in a convoy, haha.

Anyway, ended the day with a quick convo on food when my sister served a hacked Katsudon for dinner. Interesting alternative to prepping a typical chicken schnitzel. It’s another highlight of my day.

#FoodHack, Katsudon, Miso soup, Shai Coggins | The-Parody.com
#FoodHack by Shai Coggins: Katsudon (with chili flakes and coriander) + Miso soup

I reckon if I am to learn how to cook, I’d want to learn how to #foodhack. Can you imagine being able to cook a fancy dish out of common ingredients? That’d be awesome and economical. I told my sister to blog about the Katsudon on her food blog, Dash Food. And I want my own herb garden, too.

Oh, yea. And there’s this mini-masterpiece (we made this on Free Draw over at NickJr’s). It’s a definite highlight of my day as well.

H and Tita on the Beach, Free Draw, Nick Jr, Art | The-Parody.com
H and Tita on the Beach, Free Draw on the Nick Jr website

According to my niece, I’m the one surfing on the pink surf board and she’s the blond girl sunbathing on the shore, haha.

I’m enjoying exploring art with my niece. <3 Your turn. What were the highlights of your day?

P.S. Yea, I’m currently in Australia btw. I’ll be here for a few months, particularly for the holidays. Also, check out StyleManila.com if you want to know more about the Chick Flick Twistband!

P.P.S. Definite low is when I ruined my sister’s outdoor coffee table. I feel horrible and stupid for being so careless. I think I go cry nao. :'(


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