The Land of Green and Gold

I like Roadtrips. I do. I imagine it filled with offbeat music, long chats, junk food, odd encounters, and peculiar imagery — all these will form part of the “remember when..” stories which will fuel future conversations. Traveling by road will definitely allow folks to bond. Well, I happen to think that traveling does help one get a glimpse of the other person’s personality.

A few days spent away from the city was received with delight. It’s expected that I will take photos but I wasn’t really planning to conduct a photo project on my own. It was simply a case of losing sleep due to the cold, fascination with the sunrise and horses, and the guilt over not spending more time with MrSixty as I should.

A humble effort to capture the beauty I saw, here are a few of my favourites from the trip: (you can click on any of the images to see the full gallery)

These past few weeks in Australia have been interesting for me, particularly when it comes to photography. Though I do try to find time to take snaps whenever I’m traveling, there are specific trips wherein I find myself more inspired than the last. I can’t say I take the best photos but I do try to look at the place through my viewfinder with a pair of eyes with freshness and wonder. I reckon, trusting fundamentals such as light and that personal story won’t make the photos I take great, only special.

Have you been taking photos from your recent travels lately? Would you mind sharing them with me, too? I would love to see them. <3


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