5 and 30 Years

With all this hullabaloo about the world ending yesterday, I thought I was saved from having to write this. Since my plans of dying a year younger than I am now failed, let’s couple the celebration with a birthday. Ironic, isn’t it? I reckon looking back to the last 5 years with a bit of random trivia can lighten up the somber mood. I get to have 5 wishes, too!


Quietly welcomed it through writing, music and coffee at Starbucks. Blogged about it here: Celebrating A Birthday.

30th Birthday | The Parody by Sasha Manuel

Random trivia:
My birthday should’ve been 14th of December had I decided to come into the world on time. I reckon I was such a good little girl even before I was out of my mother’s womb since, due to certain, er, let’s just call them inconveniences at that time, my mom had asked me not to come out yet and I didn’t. Lulz. So yea, I was culled 1 week longer than her due date.

According to my mom, birthing me (normal) was painless due to an accidental overdose of anesthesia. She ended up having difficulty standing afterwards and that my dad had to carry her from the car to the sofa when they got back to their new home. Yes, the house I still live in is as old as I am. It was my parent’s first property investment which was valued at around a hundred thousand.

My mother was an activist while she was pregnant with me. Her stories include joining rallies, marching to Malacañang, handing out pamphlets. Of course, I clearly wasn’t around then so there’s no use wracking my brains for a memory. What I do remember was them joining the EDSA rally (People Power) in ’86 ousting the Marcos regime.

Thirty One

First time to spend it outside the country. Blogged about it here: Oz Welcome and Celebrating 31 Years.

31st Birthday | The Parody by Sasha Manuel

Random trivia:
I ran away from home at age 5. Of course, I was just right across the street, hiding somewhere at the basketball court, checking the house if someone would find my letter and come looking for me. Also, as a kid, I have this reputation of making up words that sounds like the actual word, e.g. “Anong ebidente mo?” or “Pasan ko ang digdig” referencing a Sharon Cuneta movie.

Thirty Two

Hosted a wine party at Lusso, Greenbelt 5 with a few good friends.

32nd Birthday | The Parody by Sasha Manuel

Random trivia:
I went to several preschools — one (I forget the name) in Tahanan Village, GOAL Montessori in Sun Valley (Kindergarten), Village Pre-school in Marcelo Village (Prep), before spending 11 years (loyalty awardee, huzzah) in Benedictine Abbey School (now San Beda Alabang) in Alabang Hills Village. I actually had the option to go to Colegio de San Agustin but I chose to be a Bedan like my older sister and older brother.

Thirty Three

Memories of my birthday that year were overshadowed by a more significant event: Holidays with the entire family complete in Manila. <3 Blogged about it here: Family, Friends and a Season of Reunions.

33rd Birthday | The Parody by Sasha Manuel

Random trivia:
I was informed that I only started to read properly when I was 7 years old. This is still under debate tho. It’s because of the letter I wrote when I ran away. I wouldn’t be able to write a letter without knowing how to read now, can I?

What I do remember when I was in first grade, I spent a month away from school and was visiting a lot of hospitals: Bago Bantay General Hospital (now J.P. Sioson General Hospital – owned by relatives), Chinese General Hospital, and PGH. No, I didn’t really drop out of school to look into getting into medicine, it was a leukemia scare (yes, I was subjected to a bone marrow test at a young age) and I’ve ran out of fingertips they can prick for the blood test. I got a Barbie worth 700 pesos (can you imagine how expensive that doll was back then?) out of that ordeal.

Thirty Four

Celebrations were kept private and limited to a few good friends at my favourite watering hole, Bugsy’s Makati.

34th Birthday | The Parody by Sasha Manuel

Random trivia:
Celebrations were annual Christmas parties for family since my birthday usually falls on a school holiday. I only got to celebrate it in school just one time (’twas during my 3rd year in highschool), came to school for the Christmas party, haha.

5 Wishes for my 35th Year

Well, get on with it. I can take it. I’m certainly old enough. I think.

5 and 30 years | The Parody by Sasha Manuel

  1. I wish that my mom will let me keep a bunny wabbit. Pleeaaaase.
  2. I wish that I’d develop amnesia and forget that I’ll be, technically, turning 36 a few days from now. If that’s not possible, let me celebrate my next birthday in one of the countries on my bucket list.
  3. On a related note, I wish for more opportunities to travel. Seriously considering a post on places I’ve been to. Maybe I should find time to do just that. Anyway, I’ve got a year to make that wish come true.
  4. I wish I’d own one of Intel’s Ultrabook convertible thingamajigs. OMG. This is my sister‘s fault!
  5. I’d wish for the guy who sent me the song you’re about to listen to (if you get around to it, that is) but I’d settle for a guy who’d have it in him to do something similar. Wait, scratch that. Make it that he’d do something better — amazingly mine. Now, that’d be lovely. <3

I could’ve gone on telling you three decades worth of memories but I reckon sharing 5 general bits is long enough. Thanks for being a part of it somehow and taking the time to read this year’s birthday post. Throwing in one last wish: I wish most of what I’m about to experience from today till the rest of my life will be littered with great discoveries and endless learning.

Cheers to a good life!



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