NYE x NYD: Animated!

Admission: I don’t like backlogs for photos.

This just might be the reason why I take lesser photos now than I used to. Or that I prefer using MrForest (an iPhone 4S) over MrSixty (a Canon 60D) apart from the more obvious reason: size. Over the holidays, with countless things going on and my entire being fixed on vacation mode, i.e. spending less time in front of the computer, et al. So, come the time I had to update my camera uploads (thanks, DropBox!), I’m buried with loads. THEN I get too lazy to work on them.

Work-around: I try to come up with themes either for a Facebook album upload or a blog post as I work through stacks.

Animated NYE x NYD photo set

I found a bunch of photos I took using a remote and with MrSixty fixed on a GorillaPod to record us waiting for the NYD countdown and fireworks display in Sydney on telly. I didn’t really know what to do with a photo set with no “money shot” among them. I was too sentimental to scrap them SO I thought I’d make a gif file out them instead.

NYE x NYD Animated gif | The Parody by Sasha Manuel


NY Resolution #2: Spend more time getting to know my equipment for better photos, haha.

If you missed reading resolution #1, best check out: HAPPY for 2013. Lulz.

How’s the new year for you so far? Y’all doing resolutions this year?


  1. says

    Had fun “watching” the GIF photo! Hope to see more of your Canon photos.

    As for new year’s resolutions and such, I’m just trying to up the ante as far as previously accomplished goals are concerned. I do have a few new projects/endeavors for 2013. Nothing grand; just mostly personal stuff.

    Happy New Year!
    Connie´s last blog post ..Change is Good

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