A Weekend of Dogs and Horror Movies

My plans for that weekend were simply composed of the UAAP finals game on a Saturday, and writing plus coffee on a Sunday. However, it’s refreshing to have my weekend not totally altered, just made a little special. Thematic, no less!


Saturday early evening, after the game, I found myself driving along the long stretch of Daang Hari on my way to meet up with cousins. It’s been a while since I last hung out with them and I was looking forward to it. However, I have to admit highlight of my night was this adorable canine: a one-year old Chow Chow called Kelsey.

Sasha Manuel with Kelsey, Chow Chow, Dog
Kelsey, a Chow Chow

If you were to judge our relationship with just this photo, you wouldn’t believe that I can paint our first meeting with a drastic difference. She didn’t like me. She wouldn’t go near me and if I try to come near her, she’d make that scary light snarl, signaling that I ought to back off. Yea, I wasn’t too keen to see her, never mind that she’s SO cute. Imagine my surprise when she was friendly that night; to the point that she’d come up to me, seemingly asking me to pet her, and yea, she sat with me for a good while. Funny thing is, the lot decided to put on a horror movie — knowing how I’d react during the movie, it wasn’t a good idea to have Kelsey near me, haha.

Horror movie of choice: The Conjuring


Took another unplanned trip to my cousins; lured by the promise of free chicken skin, haha. Happy that their house is just at the next barangay so drive took 15 minutes tops. I knew I’d be seeing a couple of 5-year old mini-schnauzers, Krinkles and Krunchy. <3

SashaManuel with Krinkles and Krunchy, Mini Schnauzer, Dog
Krinkles (left) and Krunchy (right), Miniature Schnauzers

Oh, these two are the cutest things! I love seeing dogs who are so comfortable indoors. I remember that I had considered getting one as well 5 years ago. But I do love big dogs that’s why I ended up bringing home Anika, a black labrador-retriever.

One highlight of my night was discovering a shared fascination of lighthouses with M, my cousin’s wife. I fell in love with one particular lighthouse they had on display.

Two-headed Stand Fan, Electric fan

Another, making plans to hold a shabu-shabu night, cooking for them, visiting Escolta, and maybe attend a baking class. I’d be happy if even just one (or all!) push through, haha.

Oh, about that two-headed stand fan, it was a funny moment when I finally noticed it. Seriously, if I am to describe my reaction, I was astonished, dumbstruck. I couldn’t believe that it exists, haha.

And, yes, we watched another horror movie, which resulted in my decision to wait until there’s light out before driving the 15-minute trip back home, haha.

Horror movie of choice: Sinister

Incidentally, we noticed similarities on the two horror movies we saw over the weekend:

  • Family just moved house
  • House they moved in were somehow haunted
  • There was hanging involved, hence, somehow giving importance on a tree
  • Sleep-walking is part of the “haunt”
  • Child befriends a ghost
  • There’s possession involved
  • One movie had the cellar as the key location, the other is the attic.

Which one did I think was better? Sinister. To a certain extent. The boogie won’t give me nightmares like the images from The Conjuring but the movie had chilling moments (think cold shivers and goosebumps, haha) that the other movie didn’t. Plus because of how things ended. No questions needed, hehe.

Anyway, how about you folks? How did you spend your weekend?


  1. says

    I can’t stand horror movies. I watch the beginning and then switch to lighter, happier shows before I get very scared. Hee hee.

    Anyway, love the dog photos and the lighthouse. I have a special fondness for lighthouses, too. (For reasons unknown.)

    Weekend was spent with the family. Been reviewing our first grader for this week’s LTs (long tests); and I’ve been decluttering, reading, and writing on my paper journal.

    It’s good to ‘read’ you again. I miss [our] voracious blogging days. Haha. Adieu for now! :o)
    Connie´s last blog post ..Candice turns 6

    • says

      Hey, Connie! Yea, I’m trying to push myself to spend more time blogging here. I guess, I just need to get over this funk wherein I don’t feel like sharing bits about myself, haha.

      You like lighthouses, too? SO cool! :D

      About the scary movies, I often regret watching on days following. I try to steer clear if I can but I have to admit it’s fun to watch with friends. It’s the time after when all friends are gone that sucks, haha.

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