Enter the Mini, say hello to MrMe

Finally gave in and got me a tablet. Since the first iPad came out years ago, there were folks who asked me if I was going to get one. I said, maybe. But as you can see, it’s the end of 2013 and the new and newer tablets will be available locally very soon, AND I’ve only bought my first tablet today, a first-gen iPad Mini, that I’m calling MrMe. (Points for you if you get why I named it that, haha)

iPad Mini, Black, Front, Back | The Parody by Sasha Manuel
image: pinkybolar.com

Reason why it took me this long to get one: I couldn’t find any use for it. What changed? My work for the next few months will be undeniably hectic and I know I will need all the help I can get, electronically. PLUS there’s research involved. SO, since MrMe will serve as my PDA, I just need bare minimum specs: 16 GB and WiFi only; No Retina display (note: first gen!) but the LED-backlit 7.9-inch (163ppi), 1024×768 resolution is good enough for what I need it for. The 5MP front and back camera is, er, fine. I really don’t need it anyway.

Loving the fact that it’s so small and so light. I hardly noticed that I had it with me in my relatively small barrel bag.

iPad Mini, Black, Back | The Parody by Sasha Manuel
image: minimallyminimal.com

Yea, I really like how it looks. Not too rounded corners, slim body. AND I am predictable. I like my gadgets black, never mind if it’s always difficult to find them in my bag, haha. That’s why I got the Mini in Black and Slate. But yea, the matte looks VERY sexy and quite practical, less prints.

Between un-boxing plus gadget checks and leaving the store, I opted to give MrMe an indigo blue pogi suit from Targus, which came with a free screen protector. I heart free stuff, haha.

Targus, iPad Mini Case | The Parody by Sasha Manuel
image: gadgetreview.com

Targus Vuscape Rotating Case and Stand retailed for Php 1,999.00.
iPad Mini retailed for Php 15,490.00.
Store: Power Mac Center, Festival Mall

Do you own a tablet? What do you use it for? What kind do you own? Any app reco’s?


  1. Tony says

    I too like my gadgets black and have screen protectors for all my devices…Screen protectors like the sapphire ones are a must….ZAGG, Stealth Lite, Rhino and 3M screen protectors are awesome. If you can’t get your hands on one, get a GEARMAXX screen protector. They sell on ebay for cheap and are as high quality and durable!


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