Mood Notes: Leaving and living; life starts anew

Listen to Trees

How do you leave a place you love without a shadow of a doubt? You will agree with me that there is no easy way.

Life beckons. Fate takes you on a new journey; unchartered, quick, challenging. You now will fly off the nook and nestle, albeit perhaps temporary, in a new place. You will wake up to a new sunrise; sleep under unfamiliar stars. 

You take things in, wary but curious. To smell if the coffee is strong enough to jolt your senses awake. To see if the grass is indeed greener. To listen to trees and solidify where your soul is rooted and where it plans to branch out.

To know if this is what it truly feels like to see your dreams coming true.

How do you tie loose ends? A daunting task, idle thoughts whisper. A heartbreaking act, my romantic heart cries. Things simply need done, practical self ends it.

Trips to banks are set. Appointments with doctors. Ticking off items on my shopping list, for things I need at the forefront, and ones I want, least. Did I mention I even started apartment hunting? 

Lists! There are lists for stuff to buy, to pack, and to do for projects I’ll leave behind. Lists for personal errands, work-related studies, and instructions I have to leave my mom, et al. I take comfort in lists. Lists help me plan, schedule, and execute.

There are still emails to respond to, work and travel documents to process, and tickets to book. I reckon I’m leaving those last so as to not seal my fate in. Once those are done, I’m sure the reality will definitely sink in.

The road to happy is composed of countless leaps of faith. 

There are no long goodbyes. A smile and a wave will do. I will do my best to stay in touch; bring word on how I’d adjust as my life seemingly starts anew. I’ll be happy to share things and places I’ll discover, tell you about the magic and mystery as I walk around a new but familiar city. 

Oh, the thought. My heart skipped a beat. 

I’m not sure if you are all but interested to read about the work I do. If you are, drop me a note. I’ll see what I can do.

I will miss you, Manila. In time, I promise to find my feet.

Note to self (on time away, where I’ll spend my time, and skipping to the end part of my life book): Worrying about the future is like troubling yourself with watching the hand of a clock move. Think about it. It’s practically non-existent, not to mention, volatile and highly dependent on what you busy yourself at present.


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