Of New Things and Saturday Afternoons

For someone who’s big on routines, finding myself in situations wherein I’m faced with choices that fall outside of my comfort zone will surely entail a little rattle and shake. I’d often just say no and walk away to anything that’s new.

But then there’s this voice that says I’m too young to be too set in my ways.

How would I discover what I want in life knowing I have yet to experience a multitude of things, to walk many an unbeaten path, to satisfy the senses with strange and foreign stimuli?

Aji Tonya Mondo, Japanese Restaurant, Yangon, Myanmar

Would I have known that I’d find Negitoromaki such an orgasmic gastronomic affair that lasts a minute of forever if I didn’t let go and trust the chef’s recommendation? I would have walked the ends of the earth with just the knowledge of the delights of the Maguro sashimi and nothing else.

Routines cower at the idea of new things, of new experiences. I’ve been told that, where I am and at the moment I am there, I have to be changeable. So I try to be.

Cafe T. A product of routines. But it holds a potential of fresh encounters that breaks the usual habit of music, books, and writing on a Saturday afternoon.

Hkaw Bouk | Cafe Terrace, Yangon, Myanmar

Hkaw Bouk, a Burmese Glutinous Rice served with sugar grains where you dip it in. I wanted to decline but my friend was insistent that I try it. A snack native of the Shan State, it was the first time I’ve sampled a local delicacy from that first time I’ve stepped foot in the country back in April 2012.

Do you see just how much I enjoy trying new things, haha. It took me close to 2 years. That’s how malleable I am. However, in coffee, I’m a basket case.

coffee x orange | Cafe Terrace, Yangon, Myanmar

Coffee x Orange. One small sip and I’m done. A definite no in my book (sorry, Kyaw!). Not that it’s a bad combo, I guess I’m just too much of a die hard coffee fan to even consider mixing it with orange juice. Have you tried something like it? Thoughts?

In most things, decisions we make on what we allow in our lives will present equal chances of good and bad. Calculating risks, tho understandable, can paralyze fun and ruin the joy of discovery. I am by no means a master of adventure. I often shy away from anything I don’t understand or am not familiar with. However, something I read stuck with me and has been in my mind lately: your old self will regret the things you did not do and not the ones you did.

Though it’s a scary thought to welcome something new, carefully weighing the good will help ease worries. Sometimes, the universe brings surprises in dream-like sequences, carrying with it pieces of promises and holding on to them will seem right. Because, maybe, they are.

Your turn. What’s new in your life?


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