Anika turns 7 <3

Anika, black labrador retriever dog

Time flies. My baby girl Anika is celebrating 7 years today. Most recent photo taken of Anika, May 2015 It feels like it was only yesterday when I brought home a little, quiet two-month old black bundle -- a show-type labrador retriever. She grew up into a not-so-little, still quiet but quite energetic, intelligent and sweet dog. Celebrating Anika's "birthday" actually also reminded me of my baby boy Maddox, a mini-schnauzer, which passed in June. He was only 3 months when he was taken. We were only together for a month but it was filled with much love and fun and funny moments that I will treasure forever. The loss is painful but remembering the good is important, yea? I miss the little guy. Focusing on the good … [Read more...]

Book Commentary: Drowning by Jassy de Jong


Sometime a year ago, someone emailed me with an offer to review a book, Drowning by Jassy de Jong -- fiction, romance novel and apparently classified as erotica. Yes, the book has that sexy bit but I didn't really think it was one. I guess I've come across books that are -- let's just say that they're juicy enough to make you wish you didn't decide to read it while sipping your favourite drink at a local cafe. This book did manage to draw me into a suggestive lull as the plot unraveled, albeit anticipated. I guess the scenarios just didn't do it for me. I can understand the how's and why's but it still lacked the elements to make it more convincing -- in length and intensity. It also negatively struck a chord rooted in morals despite … [Read more...]

Everyday escapism


"Everyday is a struggle between what I wanna say And what I should keep to myself Everyday is a battle between what I wanna know And what I don't wanna figure out And everything in between in these thoughts of mine That you know I can't live with out" It started out as an innocent way to wind the day down, celebrate a win, nurse an ache, or forget. In truth, it was me taking steps to self-destruct. I find that I do that often. Days turned frequent, lasting months. I was holding on to angry thoughts and too much pain that I knew was leading me down a path others have warned me about. Then I found a way to let it let me go. I'm glad. Relieved. Facing the things you didn't think you'd be capable of was helpful. I … [Read more...]

Goodreads and the digital life of bookworms


The past couple of days have been dedicated to steps in organising the environment I'm in. With most restarts, it's usually coupled with conscientiousness. And one of the things I'm working towards is to read more and learn what I can -- hopefully, new things that can inspire the next great idea as it pushes my current projects further. I tend to be a little pedantic when it comes to learning, planning, executing tasks. A typical stiff but with good reason. The structure allows me to set the discipline to gain an understanding of anything I'd set my mind on. It helps exercise will power and indulges my apparent need for data tracking. I was happy to be surrounded with my books again, however, it came with the guilt of knowing how … [Read more...]

Let’s talk about love

Sasha Manuel

But this topic is something I've grown to loathe to talk about really. I like making fun of it, though. And in all manners of expression may it be online or IRL, folks have classified me as one of them jaded ones. That or the true sappy romantic that I am -- depends on how you truly know me. To date, I've been told off by being foolish in dismissing the chances of getting married, to being silly for saying I'll never find a decent guy. I'm incredibly idealistic and naive, to say the least. Constantly and consistently putting the unnecessary effort in fitting a square peg to a round hole. I had failed to see love for what it is -- accepting what is. I wouldn't venture into the topic of dating either -- I will forever be lost … [Read more...]