Goodreads and the digital life of bookworms


The past couple of days have been dedicated to steps in organising the environment I'm in. With most restarts, it's usually coupled with conscientiousness. And one of the things I'm working towards is to read more and learn what I can -- hopefully, new things that can inspire the next great idea as it pushes my current projects further. I tend to be a little pedantic when it comes to learning, planning, executing tasks. A typical stiff but with good reason. The structure allows me to set the discipline to gain an understanding of anything I'd set my mind on. It helps exercise will power and indulges my apparent need for data tracking. I was happy to be surrounded with my books again, however, it came with the guilt of knowing how … [Read more...]

Life in drafts and constant reboots

Treading on borrowed time. Choosing to be hopeful despite life's curveballs. No one ever said it's going to be easy. Or simple. Found it funny how the list of draft posts accumulated within a year's absence on the blog. It showed me how many things I had wanted to share -- would've been easily able to share before -- but couldn't and wouldn't bring myself to publish anymore. So why write it down in the first place. Or hit that "save" button. Maybe it's the thought that all I needed was to find the courage to open myself up again. Or the need to air them out will come to me. But it's the nagging supposition that curious folks will perhaps read then move on -- or the fear of feeling betrayed by getting the "oh, that again" sort of … [Read more...]

HAPPY for 2013

Happy Collage, Sasha Manuel, 2013, Word of the Year | The Parody by Sasha Manuel

In one of them while-my-sister-is-driving conversations, I had mentioned that I've always wanted to write one of them "word of the year" blog posts. I've been meaning to since that first blog post my sister did on it but as you can see, I've never gotten around to do it because (1) I was caught up with a different personal project that year, (2) I keep telling myself I will and next thing I know it's time to welcome another year, and (3) I find that choosing one word out of the lot to be an intimidating act. Well, it is. Choosing just one word and dedicate a year lingering over it can put on a considerable pressure on the choice. This reminds me of a similar post I did a few years back for a photoblog project wherein I had to choose a … [Read more...]

Bloggers Do It Better and the business of re-connecting Tog du jour: Military Chic

For the past year or so, I've been searching for something that will help bring back a bit of what blogging used to mean for me. I had missed the community that genuinely wishes to engage in conversations that aim to share and connect. I missed participating in blog carnivals wherein I revel in thematic posts of other bloggers that openly and sincerely wishes to connect with me. Who wouldn't appreciate and accept a real offer of virtual friendship? I most certainly would! There are many ways to go about this, I guess. I can (1) increase the frequency of my blogging across all my blogs (I do have a number of them, you see), (2) find the time to blog-hop, (3) get over this bug that editorialises my brain thus taking away the desire to … [Read more...]

Fragments of Fiction in 55 Words

Over 4 years ago, I was part of a group blog that dishes out short posts --- 55-word posts to be exact --- and without really planning it, I re-visited my work and I had fun reading them again. I reckon this was a great exercise for my writing skills; had challenged my creativity and improved my composition (well, I'm hoping it did at least!). What is it anyway? Well, the title tells it all. But for folks who aren't familiar with it, take a quick trip to Wikipedia to learn the elements and criteria. Here are my sample work and check out mechanics of the mini-writing contest that I'm currently hosting: Slick as Chocolate He takes my hand, leads me to the cupboard and motioned that I pick him up. “What do you want for lunch, … [Read more...]