HAPPY for 2013

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In one of them while-my-sister-is-driving conversations, I had mentioned that I've always wanted to write one of them "word of the year" blog posts. I've been meaning to since that first blog post my sister did on it but as you can see, I've never gotten around to do it because (1) I was caught up with a different personal project that year, (2) I keep telling myself I will and next thing I know it's time to welcome another year, and (3) I find that choosing one word out of the lot to be an intimidating act. Well, it is. Choosing just one word and dedicate a year lingering over it can put on a considerable pressure on the choice. This reminds me of a similar post I did a few years back for a photoblog project wherein I had to choose a … [Read more...]

Bloggers Do It Better and the business of re-connecting

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For the past year or so, I've been searching for something that will help bring back a bit of what blogging used to mean for me. I had missed the community that genuinely wishes to engage in conversations that aim to share and connect. I missed participating in blog carnivals wherein I revel in thematic posts of other bloggers that openly and sincerely wishes to connect with me. Who wouldn't appreciate and accept a real offer of virtual friendship? I most certainly would! There are many ways to go about this, I guess. I can (1) increase the frequency of my blogging across all my blogs (I do have a number of them, you see), (2) find the time to blog-hop, (3) get over this bug that editorialises my brain thus taking away the desire to … [Read more...]

Fragments of Fiction in 55 Words

Over 4 years ago, I was part of a group blog that dishes out short posts --- 55-word posts to be exact --- and without really planning it, I re-visited my work and I had fun reading them again. I reckon this was a great exercise for my writing skills; had challenged my creativity and improved my composition (well, I'm hoping it did at least!). What is it anyway? Well, the title tells it all. But for folks who aren't familiar with it, take a quick trip to Wikipedia to learn the elements and criteria. Here are my sample work and check out mechanics of the mini-writing contest that I'm currently hosting: Slick as Chocolate He takes my hand, leads me to the cupboard and motioned that I pick him up. “What do you want for lunch, … [Read more...]

Birthday Month and a Festival of Thanksgiving

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December is indeed my birthday month and I always make it a point to celebrate it --- unconventionally if I can --- every year. The festivities became more pronounced as soon as I hit my 3rd decade. I distinctly remember quietly welcoming my 30th, celebrating my 31st with family in Australia (I had to backtrack a bit to remember what I had done for my 31st birthday, hehe), and, the most lavish celebration to date, had a birthday dress esp made for me to wear to an intimate wine party I hosted for my 32nd (too busy to actually blog about it at that time though, sigh). Now, plans for commemorating my 33rd looms ahead. Ideas are still rough but I'm optimistic that everything will work out. I had toyed with the idea of doing a post on "33 … [Read more...]


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That's what makes life a whole lot more interesting. Expecting that currents do run deep, tides indeed change, ripples turn into waves then back into ripples again and that it's not sunny everyday. We even know that the sun doesn't rise nor set at the same exact moment each day. Nothing is constant save change. I would say I've been extremely busy over the past few months but the truth is, my life (and schedule plus priorities) changed in the course of the past year. I've allowed the wind to take me in a different direction --- in the hope of finding myself. It's true, I'm still on the road of discovery and it has been a rollercoaster of emotions. A love-hate relationship wherein the situations I've managed to find myself in and … [Read more...]

On Domain Names, Property Rights and Scams

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As a blogger for the last 6 years, I've often minded my own business and careful to stay within boundaries. Blogging, after all, started out as a hobby (a form of therapy, actually) and I only had planned on having fun sharing random stuff with family, friends and, eventually, virtual strangers (some turned into true friends!). Then came the time when I knew I can do more in terms of reach when it comes to matters that I'm most passionate about. I then realised I'm here to learn, connect and share. But even sharing has its limits. I just came home (tired and without sleep) from the hospital and had finally gotten around to checking my mail when I received a couple of emails but both pertaining to one alarming matter: intellectual … [Read more...]

Celebrating Life and Lucy

One of the greater things about blogging is the capacity of an individual to share little moments with others. The ability to allow friends and strangers alike into a portion of your life, giving them a glimpse of how life must be like through another person's eyes. It's not boredom of one's own but a sincere desire to embrace a certain awareness that the universe doesn't totally revolve around you. Taking that deliberate step towards a better understanding of commonalities in extreme and mundane circumstances, which either binds or breaks the deal. We've all heard it numerous times -- we are all connected. Somehow. Some way. Our lives affect the rest of the universe. I know. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that bit. … [Read more...]

Win An iPad and a Brief Editorial

I don't normally clutter my personal blog with announcements like these but I reckon it'd be a nice filler while I cook up other things to share with you folks as I shift back to regular programming. Online contests are one of the better ways to create a splash on the web and letting people know that there's this opportunity to own one heck of a gadget is worth this bit of effort. First announced over at Style Manila and also shared over at Style Cebu, this raffle that's sponsored by Lewis & Pearl is getting a considerable amount of mileage online (at a cost, mind you). It's one of the many online marketing strats that most companies are trying their hand in. The Apple iPad will definitely turn heads. I know for a fact that there are … [Read more...]

Apples and Berries

Sometimes, in exploring differences we find commonalities which can bring about change both in a spectacular array of breathtaking, heart-stopping plot twists and an endless droning, ho-hum, anti-climax inanities. Life is indeed an amazing stage of short connections and long-tailed events, stringed together by a soul walking through it; hopefully, with eyes and heart wide open. If you know me, I'm in no way a geek. I reckon I simply grew to acknowledge and embrace my inner geek as I entered the virtual realm more than half a decade ago, which most now call, Internet. I can still remember my sis asking me to go online more often: email, personal portals (sis, remember "thes**project" on port5?), and online diaries (now called … [Read more...]

It’s Good to have Dreams

Patience has been my Achilles' heel. But time and time again, circumstances have prodded me to see the value of this virtue. Dreams have played a major part in keeping the strength for I find that the latter is indeed vital to see them materialise. Patience coupled with hard work will always bring you closer to your dreams. That is this post's bottomline. Growing Up with My Parents Growing up, my parents have created an environment wherein we, their children, work for the things we want, save for the things we want. From a simple trip to the mall with friends to new shoes or toys, we needed to show them we earned it; may it be doing extra chores around the house to getting the agreed on marks on our school card. We needed to barter our … [Read more...]