Everyday escapism


"Everyday is a struggle between what I wanna say And what I should keep to myself Everyday is a battle between what I wanna know And what I don't wanna figure out And everything in between in these thoughts of mine That you know I can't live with out" It started out as an innocent way to wind the day down, celebrate a win, nurse an ache, or forget. In truth, it was me taking steps to self-destruct. I find that I do that often. Days turned frequent, lasting months. I was holding on to angry thoughts and too much pain that I knew was leading me down a path others have warned me about. Then I found a way to let it let me go. I'm glad. Relieved. Facing the things you didn't think you'd be capable of was helpful. I … [Read more...]

Let’s talk about love

Sasha Manuel

But this topic is something I've grown to loathe to talk about really. I like making fun of it, though. And in all manners of expression may it be online or IRL, folks have classified me as one of them jaded ones. That or the true sappy romantic that I am -- depends on how you truly know me. To date, I've been told off by being foolish in dismissing the chances of getting married, to being silly for saying I'll never find a decent guy. I'm incredibly idealistic and naive, to say the least. Constantly and consistently putting the unnecessary effort in fitting a square peg to a round hole. I had failed to see love for what it is -- accepting what is. I wouldn't venture into the topic of dating either -- I will forever be lost … [Read more...]

Life in drafts and constant reboots

Treading on borrowed time. Choosing to be hopeful despite life's curveballs. No one ever said it's going to be easy. Or simple. Found it funny how the list of draft posts accumulated within a year's absence on the blog. It showed me how many things I had wanted to share -- would've been easily able to share before -- but couldn't and wouldn't bring myself to publish anymore. So why write it down in the first place. Or hit that "save" button. Maybe it's the thought that all I needed was to find the courage to open myself up again. Or the need to air them out will come to me. But it's the nagging supposition that curious folks will perhaps read then move on -- or the fear of feeling betrayed by getting the "oh, that again" sort of … [Read more...]

Dashing MrDash, a 13.3″ MacBook Pro Retina (A Not-So-Faerie Tale)

13.3" Apple MacBook Pro, open, angle, thin | The Parody by Sasha Manuel

Prologue In a city of my homeland, not too long ago, a charming MrB, a 13.3" Macbook Pro (late 2012 model) entered my life (reliever to MrBoo, a 15.4" MacBook Pro). Events that transpired soon after had been a mix of a vexing voyage, preying post, dismal drudgery and challenging changes that ended abruptly one morning in the seventh month of this year, with the villain driving off with MrB, leaving a helpless, heartbroken me. I've never lost a laptop. There's a first for everything, I guess. In this instance, since it took me unawares, the emotions that came crashing down on me was unbearable in the first few moments. The vulnerability I felt isn't like if it happened in my own country. The desolation that came with the circumstance … [Read more...]

Of New Things and Saturday Afternoons


For someone who's big on routines, finding myself in situations wherein I'm faced with choices that fall outside of my comfort zone will surely entail a little rattle and shake. I'd often just say no and walk away to anything that's new. But then there's this voice that says I'm too young to be too set in my ways. How would I discover what I want in life knowing I have yet to experience a multitude of things, to walk many an unbeaten path, to satisfy the senses with strange and foreign stimuli? Would I have known that I'd find Negitoromaki such an orgasmic gastronomic affair that lasts a minute of forever if I didn't let go and trust the chef's recommendation? I would have walked the ends of the earth with just the knowledge of the … [Read more...]