The Road to Happy

2013-02-21 23.30.04

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ― Marcel Proust I only have a week left in my trip and had little expectation of anything else that would make it more special than it already is. However, my sister had one last trick up her sleeve. Spoiler. The Road to Happy The Road to Happy - Scrapbook made by Shai Coggins esp for me My heart. Big sis had taken time and effort to make me one of her awesome scrapbooks as a farewell gift. MELT. I go cry nao. I've always admired her artistic skills and enjoyed looking at scrapbooks she'd make for her kids. We'd talk about the how's and the why's, sharing bits about my own foray in the arts, i.e. recent … [Read more...]

Bloggers Do It Better and the business of re-connecting Tog du jour: Military Chic

For the past year or so, I've been searching for something that will help bring back a bit of what blogging used to mean for me. I had missed the community that genuinely wishes to engage in conversations that aim to share and connect. I missed participating in blog carnivals wherein I revel in thematic posts of other bloggers that openly and sincerely wishes to connect with me. Who wouldn't appreciate and accept a real offer of virtual friendship? I most certainly would! There are many ways to go about this, I guess. I can (1) increase the frequency of my blogging across all my blogs (I do have a number of them, you see), (2) find the time to blog-hop, (3) get over this bug that editorialises my brain thus taking away the desire to … [Read more...]

Welcome The Indie Fashion Blog

Indie Style File, Sasha Manuel | The Parody, Online Journal of Sasha Manuel

UPDATE: This blog is now defunct. For more on indie fashion, feel free to visit Style Manila. --------------- November is an anniversary month for me. I'll be celebrating Tops 2 Bottoms' 3rd year on the 17th and yesterday marks the official date of my taking on the b5media blog, Indie Style File. "Welcoming the new month is the arrival of my own filed thoughts on Indie Fashion. Hi all and I’m Sasha Manuel. I’ve been a fashion blogger for as long as I can remember myself blogging and so, taking on Indie Style File is a great pleasure cuz I absolutely love Indie!" --- Sasha Manuel, Indie Style File The excitement I had felt when I found out that I can stretch my fashion blogging reach to include and embrace something that I've … [Read more...]

Today I Am Thankful, Week 4

A day late but with good reason. How can I possibly let this week pass without a post on the things that I'm thankful for? Esp since this past week, I was reminded of the dreams I had listed down eight (8) years ago. Yes, I have a journal to prove it. LOL. We all have dreams and wants in life that seemingly fuels our drive to wake up each morning and do the things we ought to do for the day. We may wish for small things and, sometimes, we dare to dream big. The important thing is to never stop dreaming and, of course, chasing after those dreams. I've always been the type who'd set goals and establish a list of wishes that leads to the achievement of the goal. It often feels like I would always prefer to go for the bigger fish but … [Read more...]

Of Interviews, Events and Features

My week started out with news on the article on Fashion blogs getting published on Manila Bulletin. It was a Sunday. We all know how Sunday issues are hard to find late into the day. Yes. I only read the sms late Sunday afternoon, hence, my missing to get a hard copy. Yonina Chan got in touch with me, requesting an interview cuz she was doing a piece on local fashion blogs. I agreed, so we met and got it over with. She's a doll. Very down-to-earth. Here's a link to an online copy of the article: Shout outs to style by Yonina Chan, Manila Bulletin, 06 April 2008 After that, my week was filled with stuff to do. Like gym (aherm, aherm!), work, and events. I was at the NOKIA Soul of the Night event at the Embassy Superclub and the … [Read more...]

2008 GLAM Network Awards


This year, two of my b5media blogs were nominated in the GLAM Network Awards --- one is my fashion blog, Tops 2 Bottoms, and the other one is my Asian beauty blog, Beauty Bento Box. I'm absolutely ecstatic! Weee! Tops 2 Bottoms falls under the Fashion Publishers list and Beauty Bento Box, the Beauty Publishers list. There are other categories such as Celebrity/Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Shopping Publishers. You guys are free to vote for your favourite blogs (hint, hint!) under all the categories. It'll only take a couple of minutes of your time. You can click on the buttons I've provided below. P.S. Dear family and friends, don't forget to vote for me. Please?! Image: Feel free to subscribe to the … [Read more...]

Mid-month Updates: a Contest, a Blog Party and a Lazy Bubble

Just a few tidbits I want to you guys to know. I'm currently raffling off a pair of Vintage Earrings over at Vanity Fever. If you're a fashionista, I recommend a look. Entering the contest is quite easy. Also, if you're here looking for a way to sign up for the upcoming SM Hypermarket-hosted blog party, I suggest that you head on over to Style Manila. That's where I'm collating all the names and blog URLs of those bloggers who are interested in attending. They're capping the guest list at 500 attendees. Hurry and leave a comment if you're interested. Or, perhaps, I might interest you on a Lazy Bubble kick-off party at Piedra? A promise of Soulfood, Sonic Pleasures, Urban Art and Tikki Cocktails. Oh, don't you enjoy having those … [Read more...]

Two Days of Fashion, Styling and Blogging

I reckon I ought to start from the beginning, huh? Well, it was Saturday, 14 July 2007. Twas the longest day ever. 8 am Weirdest of days. I’m used to sleeping in and waking up in the afternoon or, sometimes, I’m only awake at night (seemingly keeping vampire hours). But, lo and behold, I’m awake and was on the phone when the GMail notifier pinged me that I have new mail, from a certain Niña of ABS-CBN’s morning show, Umagang Kay Ganda. 10 am I received an inquiry on my email from ABS-CBN, one of the major TV stations here in the Philippines. Duh. 11am - 1pm I rounded up possible contacts for clothes pull-out and boutique availability for a location shoot. Plus I had to find a model to style. 1pm - 3pm I took care of putting … [Read more...]

Style Manila, the Fashion that’s rich in flavour

The day has finally arrived! Say hello to Style Manila! For readers, who have been around long enough, I'm sure you've already chanced upon this fashion blog of mine. Well, now, it's officially launched. Style Manila is the latest addition to the blog roster of The Bayanihan Blog Network. It's "a Philippine fashion blog focused on Manila fashion, the fashion that's rich in flavour." … [Read more...]

What’s up for June?

The past few months have been pretty busy. My social calendar was filled to the brim. And my work calendar's no different. Gawd. Imagine all the quotas and deadlines I had to meet. But it's been quite a ride. I got to learn new things, meet a lot of interesting people and see wonder places. :mrgreen: Now I wonder, what's up for the month of June then? Will it be like queuing up for another ride on the roller coaster? My unquenchable wanderlust beckons me to go on and leap, however, my body can only take so much --- esp since I have been keeping (my normal) abnormal hours again. Gah. Anyway, here's an initial list of things penciled in on my whatever-calendar. :lol: Scheduled Press Events I'm still deciding on which ones I'd be … [Read more...]