Mood Notes: Leaving and living; life starts anew


How do you leave a place you love without a shadow of a doubt? You will agree with me that there is no easy way. Life beckons. Fate takes you on a new journey; unchartered, quick, challenging. You now will fly off the nook and nestle, albeit perhaps temporary, in a new place. You will wake up to a new sunrise; sleep under unfamiliar stars.  You take things in, wary but curious. To smell if the coffee is strong enough to jolt your senses awake. To see if the grass is indeed greener. To listen to trees and solidify where your soul is rooted and where it plans to branch out. To know if this is what it truly feels like to see your dreams coming true. --- How do you tie loose ends? A daunting task, idle thoughts whisper. A … [Read more...]

Prepping for a life on the go; eReading with Kobo

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Again, here's another bit that I'm slow on the uptake: eBooks. I love holding a book while I read. I've mentioned this a lot of times before. But as circumstances have changed for me, I need to adjust to a more mobile lifestyle. This includes books. I can't, even if I want to, bring all my books with me anyway. This is the next best thing as I build a new library once I've settled in. So, this brings me to an eReader of choice. Though I'm an Apple user, I found myself committing to something that doesn't have to be spelled with an "i" at the beginning; "e" in most of my work terms is enough, haha. Anyway, I'm owing my thanks to the makers -- Rakuten. A company that's somewhat close to my heart (so to speak). They brought us … [Read more...]

A Weekend of Dogs and Horror Movies


My plans for that weekend were simply composed of the UAAP finals game on a Saturday, and writing plus coffee on a Sunday. However, it's refreshing to have my weekend not totally altered, just made a little special. Thematic, no less! Saturday Saturday early evening, after the game, I found myself driving along the long stretch of Daang Hari on my way to meet up with cousins. It's been a while since I last hung out with them and I was looking forward to it. However, I have to admit highlight of my night was this adorable canine: a one-year old Chow Chow called Kelsey. Kelsey, a Chow Chow If you were to judge our relationship with just this photo, you wouldn't believe that I can paint our first meeting with a drastic … [Read more...]

The Road to Happy

2013-02-21 23.30.04

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ― Marcel Proust I only have a week left in my trip and had little expectation of anything else that would make it more special than it already is. However, my sister had one last trick up her sleeve. Spoiler. The Road to Happy The Road to Happy - Scrapbook made by Shai Coggins esp for me My heart. Big sis had taken time and effort to make me one of her awesome scrapbooks as a farewell gift. MELT. I go cry nao. I've always admired her artistic skills and enjoyed looking at scrapbooks she'd make for her kids. We'd talk about the how's and the why's, sharing bits about my own foray in the arts, i.e. recent … [Read more...]

NYE x NYD: Animated!

NYE x NYD Animated photos gif, Australia | The Parody by Sasha Manuel

Admission: I don't like backlogs for photos. This just might be the reason why I take lesser photos now than I used to. Or that I prefer using MrForest (an iPhone 4S) over MrSixty (a Canon 60D) apart from the more obvious reason: size. Over the holidays, with countless things going on and my entire being fixed on vacation mode, i.e. spending less time in front of the computer, et al. So, come the time I had to update my camera uploads (thanks, DropBox!), I'm buried with loads. THEN I get too lazy to work on them. Work-around: I try to come up with themes either for a Facebook album upload or a blog post as I work through stacks. Animated NYE x NYD photo set I found a bunch of photos I took using a remote and with MrSixty fixed … [Read more...]

Dear Sassa (a gift idea)

Care package, Gift Guide, Gift Idea | The Parody by Sasha Manuel

Dear Sassa, I knew you weren't expecting a gift from me, much less something as elaborately prepared as this one, but I wanted to give you something personal to mark the occasion since you truly wanted to celebrate your 30th year. I decided to put together a gift that I hope will make you laugh, and realise -- because of who you are -- turning 30 ain't so bad. Celebrating your 30th year with 30 things can be a trying task but allow me this lighthearted attempt in putting together a care package which, as you can see, observes the number's significance. Let me start off with (1) 12 paper clips, a paper clip per month to bind memories together in any given year. Since you like taking photos, (2) a photo album can help store … [Read more...]

Today, I Drew

IMG_1586 copy

And seeing my hand soiled with lead elicited a smile. It's not like I'm planning to make a career out of it. It's just that there have been a series of events that led me to it. From buying a couple of pencils to artistic encounters, the inclination to draw grew stronger. I don't see myself as a qualified amateur much less a full-fledged artist. Placing 2nd at an art contest when I was 6 doesn't really make me one. I can't even say that it'll be one of my hobbies from now on. I guess, it's not something I truly wanted to do. If I had, I would've taken it more seriously and took art lessons, right? I didn't. I doodle when I'm bored, or when I'm looking to distract myself from sinking into the trance of deep thought. I sketched … [Read more...]

New Gadgets and Pet Projects

Western Digital My Passport Essential Portable Hard Drive

Remember Teri and the story of the 1TB stretch I published a couple of years ago? Well, today's story is all about stretching once again but this time, it's half a stretch than Teri's and a whole lot more mobile. I'd like to introduce one of the latest gadgets to enter my supposedly not-so-techie world --- I call her Gigi and she goes real well with MrBoo's looks, wouldn't you agree? It's funny how things have changed as a read that post over again. From using my brother's 17" HP Pavilion dv9000 (March 2008) to my own 15" Macbook Pro called MrBoo (April 2010). From a Canon 400D called MrX (February 2007) to a Canon 60D called MrSixty (January 2011). The Pav's dead and MrX is up for sale. Teri's still very much alive and kicking … [Read more...]

For Sentimental Reasons

Sasha Manuel | The Parody, Online Journal by Sasha Manuel

Christmas 2010 had been extremely special for me. During the days leading up to December, I've seen myself preparing for the occasion almost meticulously. I was aware that something really special was about to take place. What made it special? The entire family will be in one place during a span of 2 weeks, you see. Yes, I believe I already mentioned that majority of them came from Australia, US and Canada. Planning for the Christmas gifts for each of them was a bit difficult at first. I knew that anything I buy in the mall can be easily bought elsewhere, hence, not really special. I had wanted to give them something unique and, hopefully, priceless. It's my way of letting them know that I was very happy to have them all come home and … [Read more...]

Birthday Month and a Festival of Thanksgiving

Thea, Hannah, Sasha

December is indeed my birthday month and I always make it a point to celebrate it --- unconventionally if I can --- every year. The festivities became more pronounced as soon as I hit my 3rd decade. I distinctly remember quietly welcoming my 30th, celebrating my 31st with family in Australia (I had to backtrack a bit to remember what I had done for my 31st birthday, hehe), and, the most lavish celebration to date, had a birthday dress esp made for me to wear to an intimate wine party I hosted for my 32nd (too busy to actually blog about it at that time though, sigh). Now, plans for commemorating my 33rd looms ahead. Ideas are still rough but I'm optimistic that everything will work out. I had toyed with the idea of doing a post on "33 … [Read more...]