Oz Highlights: The Road Warrior hits Oz streets x #FoodHack x Mini Masterpiece

Pink car, Yvonne, Ford | The-Parody.com

One of the things that I want to try whenever I travel is to drive. I can't help it. It's the curiosity, the need to know if my driving skills aren't limited to driving on Manila streets. A week in and earlier today, I did and, as lame as it may sound, it was the highlight of my day, haha. Meet Yvonne, the set of wheels I got my hands on. My sister's pink Ford Festiva It was a trip around the corner sort of drive; a short 2-3 km-ish distance from the garage to the house but I was glad I had the opportunity to do it. My sister did offer me free use of her car if I want to, however, I'm a bit unsure if I should. I did try to drive on Oz streets before (both A/T and M/T types), also drove in Yangon with its crazy right-hand driving … [Read more...]

Life is a Highway

MrLynx, Ford Lynx Sedan, Hipstamatic Print by MrTots, Sasha Manuel | The Parody - Online journal of Sasha Manuel

It was a Sunday. Nothing extraordinary about that day up until a knock on my door and hearing my mum's voice from the other side asking, "Do you want to buy a car?" It was astounding that I was able to respond accordingly --- seeing that I literally just woke up! --- by reminding her that I've got priorities set and had dropped plans of buying one. But, apparently, the deal on the pre-loved automobile was way too good to pass up so regardless of the answer I gave. I ended up with a new old car. And I thought that it was an ordinary Sunday, eh? Yes, it happened yesterday. At least, the whole situation showed me who I got my spontaneity from. Anyone can drive and not all will. A number of folks simply can't be bothered with learning … [Read more...]

Today I Am Thankful, Week 4

A day late but with good reason. How can I possibly let this week pass without a post on the things that I'm thankful for? Esp since this past week, I was reminded of the dreams I had listed down eight (8) years ago. Yes, I have a journal to prove it. LOL. We all have dreams and wants in life that seemingly fuels our drive to wake up each morning and do the things we ought to do for the day. We may wish for small things and, sometimes, we dare to dream big. The important thing is to never stop dreaming and, of course, chasing after those dreams. I've always been the type who'd set goals and establish a list of wishes that leads to the achievement of the goal. It often feels like I would always prefer to go for the bigger fish but … [Read more...]

Floods, Makati, and Friday Night Traffic

The Philippines. My country. Known for it’s amazing sands, surf and *aherm* beautiful women. Heeheehee. [Tell me if I’m wrong I dareya! ;)] But since it’s a tropical country, there’s always the monsoon season. Yes. Rains. Heavy Rains. So, the water ain’t limited to beaches or pools anymore. You can experience them on the streets, too. Heehee. Yea, I’m talking about major flooding of streets, man. Let’s give it up for the DPWH people for their great upkeep of the drainage system and for all the disciplined people for their generous cooperation in waste management. Makati. The city I consider my 2nd home. It sheltered me for a time and I can always rely on it being there to be a place that I can … [Read more...]

Clipsal 500

The Clipsal 500 is coming up here in Adelaide. I'm dying to go. If only the tickets weren't that expensive. Argh. I'll try to look into the one day tickets. Pfft. The race and other festivities run from March 23rd until the 26th. There will be live bands every night. I heard Grinspoon and Silverchair's performing on separate nights. Though, I'm not particularly a fan of their music. As much as I'd like to enjoy the music and the atmosphere it can create, what I really like to check out are the cars! Yea, I love cars. I love speed. Feel free to subscribe to the The-Parody.com Feed or get updates via Email. … [Read more...]